Turf Management

    Sustainable Turf Management begins with the soil, fertilizers, weed control, smart irrigation practices, and good mowing practices.   

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         Erosion Control Services 

    In rural areas we manage potential landscape loss due to flooding by utilizing flood control measures to help mitigate landscape loss.     

  • Granite Replacement Programs

  • LED Lighting System Installations

  • Irrigation System 

    Plants, Shrubs and Trees

    Through proper management of irrigation, pruning, fertilization and support management, the health of your plants can extend the life of your plants.  

    Irrigation Management 

    We combine the best web-based irrigation management, real-time weather data that is based on Latitude and Longitude and wirelessly connect smart controllers to manage your irrigation based on the unique needs of your landscape.   

Landscape Management 

  • Design / Build 

  • Synthetic Turf Installations

  • Pavers, Patios, Masonry 

         Weed Control & Fertilizers

    We use slow release fertilizers when necessary and prefer organic fertilizers. Approximately 3 to 4 application annually for turf area. 

Landscape Enhancements 

  • Olive Tree Spraying

  • Tree Removal & Stump Grinding Specialist 

  • GPS Inventory Capabilities  
  • ISA Certified Arborist 

  • Seasonal Pruning 

  • Seasonal Fertilization



    Fire Hazard Abatement Services

    Land clearing of unwanted weeds and grasses away from property and equipment provides a barrier against potential fire hazards.      

  • Concrete Slabs & Flagstone

  • Decorative Pony Walls and Planters

  • BBQ's and Fire Pits
  • Turf Sod Installations

  • Seasonal Color Installations

  • Plants, Shrubs, and Tree Installations